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Welcome to Our Garden

Homosassa Butterfly is an educational facility. We are dedicated to providing a fun and unforgettable experience combined with educating people on the importance of preserving the environment. OUR GOAL at Homosassa Butterfly is to shape positive feelings and attitudes toward nature through educational movies, conservation and observation. We hope your experience at Homosassa Butterfly will open your eyes to the ways you can help the declining butterfly population and range as they fight for survival in an ever-changing world. Visit The Largest Butterfly Attraction and Educational Facility on the Nature Coast, where you crawl before you fly: Come experience the magic!

6991 W. Cardinal Street
Homosassa, Florida 34446

Closed Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving & Christmas

$9.50 Adults
$8.50 Seniors
$7.00 Ages 3 - 12
Children (2 & under) - Free

School and Group Discounts Available!


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